Bryce's full storyBryce McMillan’s story began on July 7th, 1971, in Vernon, BC, where Bryce McMillan was born a healthy baby boy to parents who loved him, wanted him and who were as ready as anyone when their first child is born.

Within the first year of Bryce’s life, it was discovered that Bryce was deaf. His young family, though devastated at the time, left no stone unturned in regards to communication and education opportunities available to their son.

At 2 ½, Bryce began attending programs, classes, schools and events that would help mold his life in both the hearing and deaf worlds. American Sign Language (ASL) became Bryce’s structured language base for the next 20 years. ASL is unlike any other language. It is structured neither like English, nor like any main stream language. This would become a stumbling block for most basic communication or training where the language structure was predesigned for those that were hearing able.

As was the practice at that time, all deaf children were brought together to be educated. Consequently, Bryce, like most deaf children, was unable to live full-time with his family. Instead, at age five, he was sent to live with a family in Kamloops where he received his first years of formal education. By 12 years of age, Bryce was flown into the city of Vancouver where he attended Jericho Hill School for the Deaf. Academically, Bryce was strong in math and showed a real aptitude for building things and working with his hands.

Bryce completed his education at Jericho Hill and returned home to live and work in his then home town of Armstrong BC. His family believed a good education and career training were essential to insure a strong financial future for their son. The catch was, of course, any career training Bryce chose was pre-designed for the hearing able, not someone with an ASL structured base language. In spite of almost insurmountable difficulty, in 2001, after two years of privately paid interpreters and much expense to his family, Bryce received his ‘BC Industrial Training & Apprenticeship Commission Planer Mill Maintenance Technician 2’ ticket with Millwright training and became the first deaf Planarian/Millwright in North America.

Bryce’s future looked bright and exciting. He garnered a position at a mill where he performed all the jobs and responsibilities associated with his training. He was well liked and respected. His work was outstanding and, because a mill is a deafeningly-noisy environment, Bryce proceeded to teach sign language to his co-workers and improving communications within that environment.

In 2014, Bryce suffered a repetitive-motion injury. While seeking an alternative, safe form of pain relief, he discovered LED light therapy. This particular therapy was so effective that he chose to enroll in the training that was required to become a Certified Professional Light Therapist. Again, the training was pre-designed for the hearing. However, this time the main instructor for the diploma program knew a little about the hearing impairment and worked closely with Bryce to help ensure that he earned his diploma.

On November 21, 2015, Bryce McMillan received his Professional LED Light Therapist diploma. He has taken his knowledge of light therapy to the deaf community and currently sees clients at the LED Quantum Light Therapy clinic in Langley, BC.

Because of the language and communication barriers between the hearing and deaf communities, it is not surprising that there are very few professionals in the deaf community. However, the need for professionals in that community is clearly obvious for these silent people to receive the basic care and services that the hearing able take for granted.

With Bryce McMillan’s training, there is one more professional bringing help and support to the deaf community. Bryce’s training enables hearing impaired individuals to directly access the services of LED Quantum Light Therapy that would otherwise require the assistance of expensive interpreters.

Bryce is a family man who loves his community and wants to bring health and wellness to those who would normally have difficulty communicating their health concerns. LED Quantum Light Therapy salutes Bryce for his hard work and service. His fortitude is greatly appreciated in both the hearing and non-hearing communities.