You're Career as a Professional L.E.D. Light Therapist

Imagine the rewarding feeling you’ll experience as you administer therapeutic relief to your clients while you build your business in the high-tech field that NASA pioneered.

As a relatively new technology, the demand for L.E.D. Light Therapy is growing fast. Those demands for services that L.E.D. Light Therapy offers led us to establish L.E.D. Quantum Light Academy.

Join our state-of-the-art, comprehensive Programs that offers an education in both therapeutic and aesthetic applications. You will earn a Professional L.E.D. Light Therapist diploma.

Our programs have been designed to accommodate our students’ various schedules.

Training Programs

Professional L.E.D. Light Therapist Diploma Program

Our Professional L.E.D. Light Therapist Diploma Program is designed to educate our students on the history, theory and practical aspects of Photo-Bio-Modulation therapy. It includes the application of red light, blue light, and near infrared therapies, their differences and how to utilize them. This program also addresses the day-to-day aspects of operating a L.E.D. Light Therapy clinic or adding this therapy to an already existing business.


Instructors Program

Due to the overwhelming demand for professional L.E.D. Light Therapist Diploma Program, L.E.D. Quantum Light Therapy is looking for instructors across Canada and the U.S. to instruct our curriculum and guided practicum.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion our Professional L.E.D. Light Therapist Diploma Program.

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Re-Certification and Master Classes

Yearly re-certification legally permits you to keep your certification and insurance up-to-date. It provides the opportunity to attend classes that present the most current, pertinent and practical information that are needed to keep you updated.

Master Classes offer new ideas, way to develop and grow your clinic, expand the services you offer and the knowledge to support that growth.

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Quantum Light Academy

Our graduates are Leaders and outstanding Professionals whose goals are to make Light Therapy the safe, non-invasive Medicine of the Future.