The Companion

“The Companion”

The first book written on L.E.D. Light Application.

It has been written in four sections. The first is dedicated to the history and science behind the therapy. The second is dedicated to specialty charts and diagrams features body systems and spotlights certain ailments and conditions. The third is dedicated to a customized dictionary of over 1,000 ailments and conditions which is broken-down into three categories, which are:

  • Concise and streamline Definitions
  • Causes associated with that specific condition, and
  • Support Options that includes frequencies/protocols and pad placements.

The fourth is dedicated to the references used to substantiate the information in this book.

What this “The Companion” does for you …

For those who have shelved their machines for various reasons, you will now have this indispensable book to give you the knowledge  and confidence to utilize benefits associated with your machine.

For those who have experienced inconsistent results this essential book  shares our years of experience and clinical secrets on attaining consistent results.

For those wanting to build a thriving, profitable business this, vital book  will be your fundamental pillar, guide and companion in realizing your goals.

One Book two Options.

For your ease of use and preference we offer you two choices in “The Companion’s” layout.

First is our Classic Executive Edition which consists of 604 pages of 100 pound silk paper. A strikingly classic keepsake hand-bound, satin touch, wipe able hardcover, beautifully finished book. Weighting approximately 7 pounds and crafted to last decades.

Second is our Professional Edition which consists of 604 pages of 80 pound silk paper. Beautifully coil bound, satin touch, wipe able softcover beautifully finished book. Weighting approximately 6 1/4 pounds crafted for the workplace. When opened it lays flat and keeps it’s page.

Both books feature over 300 beautiful full coloured pictures and diagrams. It is useful as a visual aid while discussing their Plan of Care


It’s really fantastic! It’s something every LED light therapy practitioner should have because it’s so useful as a reference guidebook and to have it in such a quality printing is really great. It’s such a sturdy book and it should be sitting on the shelf of every light therapy practitioner.

Stefan Smith (Controller and Operations Manager of The Quantum Academies California)

The Executive Edition – Built to last and to look great.

Printed in amazing high quality on 100 pound silk text paper, this durable and beautiful keepsake has a binding that is hand sewn. The cover on the spine is designed to take a lifetime of flexing without cracking. The cover is simple, neutral and elegant with its inlaid gold foil lettering, but also practical in that it can be wiped clean from spills or small stains.

OMG!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!  This book is freaking awesome.  It’s going to help so many people.   I wish you so much success with this.  Truly an informative and much needed assistant to anyone who does light therapy or is interested in it.

Sharon (Port Moody)

Professional Edition – Same book, Softer Cover

Consists of a beautiful coil-bound, soft-covered book. Perfect for the workplace.

The coil binding allows for the book to be laid flatter for easier reference in a professional setting.



About the Author

Valerie Meyer, wife, mother and grandmother began her career as a Family Therapist; receiving her education at the Antelope Valley College in Southern California. After operating her own therapy practice for 17 years she was introduced to the world of L.E.D. Light Therapy.  Due to her husband’s expertize in the field of LEDs she immediately understood the far reaching, health benefits, of this new innovative therapy.  She became the owner and lead therapist of L.E.D. Quantum Light Therapy Inc., as well as, founder and head instructor of L.E.D. Quantum Light Academy. Valerie is a certified Light Therapist, Coach and Instructor by the Board of Advanced Natural Health and Services (BANHS). In addition, she is a Master Hypnotist and was a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).   Valerie has been involved more than 40 years in the health and care-giving profession. These years of experience, combined with her nature open, friendly, accepting personality, passion and professionalism, as well as, her down to earth views on health, self-empowerment, relationships and living life to live life to the fullest, result in a unique experience for her clients and students.   Among her many achievements, Valerie’s paper “Light Therapy Helps with Depression” was published in The Journal of the BC Psychological Association, Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2015. Her book, “The Companion” was released on October 10, 2019.   Valerie shares her life with her husband, Edward, and together they enjoy fifth-wheeling, as well as, spending time with family and friends.